About Arrowhead Landscape Company

Arrowhead Landscape Company is a four season landscape installation and maintenance contractor located in Windham Maine. Our service area is Greater Portland and the Sebago Lakes Region. When it comes to landscaping, we do just about everything related to your outdoor world.

Four Season’s of Installation & Maintenance

SPRING: As soon as the snow melts we are busy cleaning up plow damage, sweeping winter sand from parking lots and driveways, meticulously cleaning and edging gardens, raking and dethatching lawns, and spreading mountains of compost and mulch.

SUMMER: From the spring through the fall we keep up a regular maintenance schedule that includes weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mowing, and general yard and garden work.

The summer and fall are the best time for landscaping projects like replacing a failing retaining wall, correcting a drainage problem, planting a tree, laying sod, renovating an overgrown garden, or creating a completely new outdoor living space.

FALL: In the late fall it’s time to put gardens to bed, clean up leaves and pine needles, and empty the gutters. By Thanksgiving we are ready for a long needed break. It’s also time to dig out the long underwear and get the plow & sander ready for whatever winter has to offer.

WINTER: Yes, we provide snowplowing and sanding in the winter, too.

Our schedule is dictated by the rhythm of the four seasons.

We get to spend everyday outdoors in different places throughout Southern Maine, from the islands on Casco Bay to the islands on Sebago Lake. We plant gardens and work with stone and generally make things look better and be more functional. The weather and the environment and the challenge at hand are always changing. It’s hard to imagine a better job in the world.

 Meet Jeff Plumer, Owner

After almost a decade working in the field as a landscape laborer and foreman, I decided in 2006 to venture out on my own and see if I could create a job for myself doing what I loved. In truth it probably started a long time before then, as a kid, growing up doing yard work and learning to love being and working outdoors, but that’s a long story for another time.

Since 2006 Arrowhead Landscape Co. has grown each year and we have been privileged to work in a wide variety of landscapes throughout Southern Maine. We are a small, experienced, and efficient operation. We take great pride in our work and stand by it. For a free consultation or estimate please call or email.


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